Wart Removal Help http://wartremovalhelp.com Sun, 04 Feb 2018 22:54:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.3 140997991 Do You Get Warts From Frog Urine? http://wartremovalhelp.com/do-you-get-warts-from-frog-urine/ http://wartremovalhelp.com/do-you-get-warts-from-frog-urine/#respond Sun, 20 Aug 2017 15:06:44 +0000 “Do You Get Warts From Frog Urine?” is a common enough question but it is all based on urban legend. No, frog pee would not cause warts to develop on the skin. Common warts are generally caused by a virus called HPV or human papillomavirus which can infect the skin and cause cauliflower looking growths on the feet, hands, face and even the lips. These are highly contagious and it is quite common for one family member to infect another like the feet. In fact, sharing the shower area with a family member who has a wart on the foot or both feet can infect another member also on the feet.

FrogGoing back to the question of “Do You Get Warts From Frog Urine?” there is no truth to this at all. In fact, urine of the human is considered a natural wart removal therapy, gross as this may sound. The urea or uric acid found in urine is a recognized compound which could effectively kill off the HPV virus.

And going back to the discussion on the frogs, they can pee tons on the skin but they would not cause warts to develop. Maybe the confusion has something to do with the wart-like growth on the skin of the frog, but as that is their genetic makeup, there is no reason why a human can get converted into a frog.

Just remember that the common wart can be transferred from one person to the next if the hygiene is not maintained, if the body’s immune system is down, or if the skin has cuts and breaks which the virus from another person have easily invade. Once there are warts growing on the skin, just treat it accordingly with over-the-counter medicines formulated for removal of warts or rely on effective natural therapies which can remove them painlessly and effectively.

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10 HPV Facts That You Need To Be Aware Of http://wartremovalhelp.com/10-hpv-facts-that-you-need-to-be-aware-of/ http://wartremovalhelp.com/10-hpv-facts-that-you-need-to-be-aware-of/#respond Sun, 20 Aug 2017 15:04:44 +0000 HPV or the Human Papillomavirus is one of the highly contagious viruses ever known to man. It can be transmitted by a mere touch from the infected area (warts) to a broken part of the skin to transmit the virus. HPV can also be transmitted sexually making it another addition to the long list of Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).There are actually numerous diseases that HPV can cause when getting infected. Aside from just warts, HPV is known to cause certain cancer and much more; thus, people should be more knowledgeable in approaching people with warts and the what not.

Here are 10 HPV Facts that you should be aware of:

  • HPV is the most common sexually transmitted virus in the USA.
  • Most people who have genital HPV don’t know they have it. There are often no symptoms and goes away on its own
  • HPV can easily be passed to others without even knowing it. HPV is one of the viruses that is very easy to pass.
  • There is no direct cure for HPV but there are treatments for the health problems that some type of HPV can cause.
  • Though HPV is generally harmless, some types are said to cause Cervical Cancer and could be deadly if not detected on time.
  • Over 4,000 women die of cervical cancer each year in the United States.
  • HPV strands 16 and 18 are linked to head and neck cancer.
  • 30% of oral carcinoma is related to HPV. It is commonly seen in ages 20-39.
  • Generally, there are over 400 types of HPV viruses and 40 types of HPV viruses that can infect sexually.
  • At least 50% of all sexually active men and women acquire this virus at least once in their lives
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Preventing warts is always better than cure, however… http://wartremovalhelp.com/preventing-warts-is-always-better-than-cure-however/ http://wartremovalhelp.com/preventing-warts-is-always-better-than-cure-however/#respond Sun, 20 Aug 2017 14:49:42 +0000 Warts are an outgrowth that can be found through the different parts of our body. It can come upon unexpectedly through your hands, feet, neck genitals and other parts of the body. Warts can give you a state of difficulty that needs to be resolved. Remember the statement “prevention is better than cure”. Removing wart from a certain part of your body can be easily cut off by the used of these different methods.

The first method to be applied is by the use of the stuff that can be found inside your home. Vinegar is on the number one list that could be seen through your kitchen.

The second on the list is the slab of lemon skin that you could dump into the part of the lesion.

DoctorIf you want to use up something from your pocket, you could go to your doctor. Your physician will give you prescription medication that you will take for weeks in removing your wart. It will also depend on his on what type of medication that he’s going to give you. He might also tell you to choose from a prescription drug or any medical procedure that might remove your wart immediately.

Cryosurgery is the most commonly used type of procedure. This type of process involves the freezing of the wart then destroying it. In this method, it will give you the fastest way of removing a wart.

Another treatment that may let you spend some money is through laser. Laser treatment requires the certain session of treatment for removing the wart. This type of procedure is the latest and most high-tech in removing a wart.

There are also over the counter drugs that you can obtain by purchase. Salicylic acid is the most common over the counter remedy that could be used in removing warts.

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How To Use Wartrol? It’s Quite Simple! http://wartremovalhelp.com/how-to-use-wartrol-its-quite-simple/ http://wartremovalhelp.com/how-to-use-wartrol-its-quite-simple/#respond Sun, 20 Aug 2017 14:47:22 +0000 It is one of the famous herbal products that are used to treat genital warts. This product is an over the counter drug that you could buy without any prescription. Though not everyone wanted to go and see a doctor and have each wart remove by hand by your doctor, some opted out to buy over the counter drugs and some of them used home remedies. How to use wartrol against genital warts?

Like in many herbal remedies, wartrol is usually made from 100% natural products. This does not contain any harmful chemicals that could irritate and gives side effects. Wartrol comes in spray form, cream, dropper and in the oral preparation. When infection is great, oral preparation is best for proper absorption and quicker effect. Continued use of Wartrol product may cure your genital warts.

Wartrol at homeTo best use wartrol, you need to choose between which kind of preparation you wanted to use. In spray bottle with the liquid preparation inside, all you need to do is to spray it three times a day under your tongue. The reason for this is that there is increase absorption of the product if sprayed under the tongue. The cream preparation is simple, all you need is to wash your hands and your genitals perfectly with soap and water and apply it by the use of a cotton buds or a tongue depressor to the affected area.

Oral preparations are not as common as spray and cream type but taking oral preparation in wartrol is quite easier but less effective due to the fact that it takes longer to absorb the medication.  In dropper preparation, all you need to do is to drop at least one to two drops of wartrol under your tongue for faster absorption. The product contains alcohol in it and some of the users report a slight discomfort of the taste. You may be able to dilute the wartrol preparation in water.

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Warts Removal Cauterize Scar http://wartremovalhelp.com/warts-removal-cauterize-scar/ http://wartremovalhelp.com/warts-removal-cauterize-scar/#respond Sun, 20 Aug 2017 14:43:46 +0000 People all around the world are buzzing on how to deal with their warts. These nasty looking skin lesions have certainly been the scare of the era, as more people are getting contaminated with HPV; the virus that causes the appearance of warts. A lot of people are getting more knowledge about how disgusting and nasty these warts can be and having one in today’s society can certainly be a very embarrassing situation to be in. However, there are still some ways people can deal with their warts when they have failed to prevent it from contaminating them.

However, there are certain surgical ways into removing warts in your body.  There are also certain products that offer gels or creams that are said to reduce the visibility of warts that are growing in parts of your body.  The best thing to do must is always checking with your doctor, to make sure that your warts or the HPV that you have contained will not lead to something else more dangerous like cancers.

The doctors will be the one to determine if your warts should be worth removing, most commonly only severe warts that can hinder your natural actions and those that are clustered in one area are given the possibility to be removed surgically.

This is because warts removal cauterizes scars; these scars are the types of scars that are hard to take off. And you might end up with an even more disgusting looking scar because of the removal surgery of your warts.

It is to note though those medical advancements have been made in dealing and preventing the contamination of HPV. A treatment in Canada has been approved to be used and has seemed to be effective in fighting the infection of certain types of the human papillomavirus which are the more likely cause of warts. Also, the strains of HPV that cause cancers are being seen to be addressed by the treatment.

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Is Fluorouracil a Good Home Remedy for Warts? http://wartremovalhelp.com/is-fluorouracil-a-good-home-remedy-for-warts/ http://wartremovalhelp.com/is-fluorouracil-a-good-home-remedy-for-warts/#respond Sun, 20 Aug 2017 14:42:16 +0000 Some people online have asked if fluorouracil is a good home remedy for warts. This is a misleading question because fluorouracil is not a homeopathic alternative; it is a prescriptive medicine and so should not be used for self-medication.

Fluorouracil as a good home remedy for warts is not a home remedy. It is the generic name or a chemical compound synthetically produced to treat conditions of the skin which undergo a lot of multiplication. These rapidly multiplying cells include warts and skin cancer. The fluorouracil acts against the DNA and RNA of these cells which activates the production of more cells successfully halting the production. After continuous use, the remaining cells die.

The drug comes in cream and solution preparations and only doctors can prescribe it for the treatment of the skin conditions including skin cancer, psoriasis, and genital warts. The application of the drug would really depend on how the doctor prescribes it.

Now, as a ‘good home remedy,’ it is true that it is effective, but again, it is important to remember not to use the drug without first consulting with a doctor and getting their prescription.

The drug can damage the fetus if a woman using it were pregnant. The drug is easily absorbed into the skin and directly into the blood.

There are some individuals who are sensitive to fluorouracil and they may experience some sort of hyper-pigmentation to hypersensitivity. In others, the persistence of use can cause scarring and secondary bacterial infections.

So for those who are contemplating the use of fluorouracil as a good home remedy for warts, think again. This is a wrong move to make and it is important to first consult with the doctor. The good news is, this is prescriptive medicine so it would not be easy to buy it, although there are warnings that some sites on the web sell the drug indiscriminately.

Fast and safe home remedy for warts

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Best Medicine for Warts – We’ll Help You Choose the Right One http://wartremovalhelp.com/best-medicine-for-warts-well-help-you-choose-the-right-one/ http://wartremovalhelp.com/best-medicine-for-warts-well-help-you-choose-the-right-one/#respond Sun, 20 Aug 2017 14:38:19 +0000 Salicylic acid, bichloroacetic and trichloroacetic acid are just three of the active ingredients found in the best medicines for warts which could be bought over the counter, or without prescription. Salicylic acid is the most commonly found and considered the most effective. All three require consistent applications each day for several weeks to three to four, even six months.

Then there are the home remedies like apple cider treatment, banana peel treatment, and pineapple, papaya and lemon treatments. These are the five most popular and considered the best medicine for warts which has been practiced for millennia. They are all effective as well.

Now, for those who would wish to use the OTC treatments, it is very important to consult the physician before using them, especially the salicylic acid topical applications. These usually should not be used on warts which grow on the face, lips, genital area, and anal areas. The acids can burn the skin when not used according to directions and could lead to infections. This is also true for skins which are irritated due to sunburn, windburn, broken or have cuts or just dry.

If there are any underlying conditions like diseases of the kidneys, liver, diabetes, poor blood circulation or the wart is on a child, it is important NOT to buy an OTC medicine BEFORE consulting with a doctor. There may have to be some special monitoring or dosage adjustment in these cases. There is also precaution for pregnant women to not use the medicines for it is not known how the active compound can affect the unborn child. Nursing mothers should also not use the OTC preparations for there may also be some complications that the baby may develop.

If all of the precautions are in effect, the use of the natural therapies may just be the course to take. Don’t worry they are all safe and very effective. Just choose which is the best, make sure to take the proper precautions.

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Does Wartrol Work On Lips Warts? http://wartremovalhelp.com/does-wartrol-work-on-lips-warts/ http://wartremovalhelp.com/does-wartrol-work-on-lips-warts/#respond Sun, 20 Aug 2017 14:34:27 +0000 Many who have warts on lips ask if Wartrol works on lips warts if the wart that developed on their lips was obviously transmitted by someone who had genital or anal warts.

Basically, warts on the lips are seen as cauliflower formations which protrude on the corner of the mouth and it can be quite irritating. Those individuals who perform oral sex on someone who has genital warts can get infected, even if the man is using a condom.

Now, many can say that warts on the lips are not necessarily an STD in origin, but regardless, it is still a highly contagious thing and can spread fast simply through the skin on skin contact. So if a person has a wart on the lips and they scratch on it then go about the day doing their daily tasks without washing their hands, they can already transmit that virus to another, easily.

Does Wartrol work on lips warts? Yes, it does, if it is a genital wart in origin, otherwise no. there are other medicines which can address a common lip wart but it is important to first consult with the doctor before using them for these can burn the skin. Wartrol is a very gentle formulation which is highly effective against genital warts when applied on the sensitive genital and anal areas. On the lips, it should just be as gentle.

DoctorIf the wart is not properly diagnosed and the individual simply uses a salicylic acid solution, they could experience some complications like burning, scarring and infection on the injured area. It is very important to consult with a doctor before buying any medicine, even if it is a proven one like Wartrol.

This is the only way that the wart on the lip is really of genital wart origin or a simple and common wart. Once the proper diagnosis is made, the doctor can prescribe a medicine which should make short work of the virus.

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Can You Scrape Genital Warts? Professional Advice http://wartremovalhelp.com/can-you-scrape-genital-warts-professional-advice/ http://wartremovalhelp.com/can-you-scrape-genital-warts-professional-advice/#respond Sun, 20 Aug 2017 14:32:18 +0000 Genital warts are one of the most common forms of STDs. This is caused by the human papillomavirus or HPV and can develop into cancerous cells. Some patients ask “Can you scrape genital warts?” and could they do it on their own at home. The answer would really depend on the type of genital wart they are talking about.

Genital warts that develop on the genital and anal areas may be caused by an STD and then there are some forms which can be precursors to malignancies. There are now ways to prevent getting infected with genital HPV like vaccines; however, the vaccines do not prevent all types of genital HPV.

Can you scrape genital warts after using over-the-counter medicines?

The physician’s advice would be a definitive NO! The OTC medicines and the eventual self-scraping should never be done for this could cause not only a lot of pain and irritation, there could be serious injuries which could cause bleeding, infections and further spread of the virus which causes warts.

Pregnant womanIt is very important to consult with the doctor first especially if a woman were pregnant.

Usually, the physicians would advise against the scraping if warts respond to the prescribed medications but they would advise for the scraping if the warts are large and stubborn and the baby can get exposed to the virus during the delivery.

Usually, the physician would advise on the following choices: cryotherapy, electrocautery, and surgical excision and laser treatments. All of these methods should effectively remove the stubborn growths without causing much pain, bleeding and further spread of the virus. However, once the procedure is performed, it is very important to make the area clean and free from bacteria to prevent complications due to infections. Sometimes the doctor may even prescribe antibiotics to prevent bacterial infections on the scraped, burned or excised area.

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True or False: ”Genital Warts is Not for Life!” – Read the Facts http://wartremovalhelp.com/true-or-false-genital-warts-is-not-for-life-read-the-facts/ http://wartremovalhelp.com/true-or-false-genital-warts-is-not-for-life-read-the-facts/#respond Sun, 20 Aug 2017 14:31:00 +0000 There are a lot of things said about genital warts online. If you are reading this, you may mislead to believe statements like “Genital warts is not for life!” You need to read the facts before you think that this statement is true. It is definitely not true.

Many people actually believe that genital warts can be cured, but the truth is that the treatments are usually supportive and only removes the disturbing symptoms of genital warts. It is very possible to get rid of warts but the HPV or human papillomavirus that causes genital warts will remain in your body, FOREVER!!!!

The statement “Genital warts is not for life!” is not only misleading, but it is also the main cause why people think that once the warts are removed they can have unprotected sex again. This is not true! The worst thing is, even when using condoms, the genital warts virus can still be transmitted to another.

Genital Warts TransmittedNow, genital warts are sexually transmitted but this does not mean that it can only be transmitted through sexual contact. Again, this is a misleading assumption. Genital warts carriers can be asymptomatic or do not have any obvious warts showing up, but they can still be transmitted to others in the simplest manner.

Warts can be transmitted through simple skin contact, so if someone has a break, cut, opening or even just dry skin, the virus can enter the body. If the skin is on the fingers or lips, the wart can grow on the lip and the virus transferred to others should that person do daily tasks without washing their hands first.

Once genital warts are diagnosed by the doctor, there can be something done about warts but there is nothing to be done about the virus. Once there, it is dormant in the body, for life.

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