Does Wartrol Treat Other Types of Warts?

Many have asked if Wartrol treats other types of warts for information regarding the product show that it is only effective for genital wart removal and relief. The answer is that it is a product that was formulated to gently and effectively provide relief for those infected with genital warts.

Genital warts are sexually transmitted viruses which can infect anyone even if they are using condoms for protection. These are not only bothersome growths but they could also worsen if the condition is not treated correctly.

Now, Wartrol, as a product, does work, but again, regarding the question of whether or not Wartrol treats other types of warts, the answer is no, it is specifically formulated to target the cause of genital warts. It is important, however, to mention that although it is a very effective product, some people may not necessarily work for all people infected. This is not a 100% cure thing, despite all of the claims. Nothing is 100% cure all, but, it can give a sense of control for the genital wart sufferers.

Now, although the stigma of the genital wart can ruin a person, it is important to remember that it is just a skin disease, much like a cold sore on the lips or mouth. Yes, it is sexually transmitted but with products like Wartrol, it can provide relief and protection from further recurrences.

The treatment should be done according to the directions and should be followed diligently, and even if warts disappear after a week or so, it is important to continue using the product for four months to make sure that there is no possibility of recurrences.

One big plus with the product is that it is the gentlest formulation ever developed for genital wart removal. Compared to other products just as effective, this is gentler and does not cause any burning sensation.

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